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Keep La Mesa Beautiful

Our agency prides itself in helping make our community a better place for all. We want La Mesa to be a place where your children grow up to say, “I love my city.” That is why we are on a mission to help local organizations cater for the recreational well-being of our community. The goal is to provide support for local parks, create more green areas in our town, and support quality projects that will provide families with leisurely activities to boost their quality of Life. As #AgentsOfChange we even offer to donate $20 on your behalf towards this cause.

Did you know there are 14 different parks in the city of La Mesa? As citizens of this city, we should protect and care for these as they are the foundation of a road to a healthier environment and community. Throughout time the parks have been renovated and we need to ensure this continues to happen to be able to enjoy unique experiences with our families.

We must help them, and you don’t need to make a donation to contribute – we just need your recommendations! For every no-obligation quote we deliver, we can donate $20 on your behalf, so they can Successfully renovate and create parks for the social, ecological and economic benefits to not only residents but also those who want to visit our city. “Everyone deserves a community where they can create memorable experiences and enjoy a safe environment”

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE